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 Membership:  The financial year for the club is from 1st October to 30th September.  Membership fees are due and payable on or before 1st October each year.  Membership fees are $15.00 for single and $20.00 for Joint.  A Membership form needs to be completed whether it be new or a renewal.

 Meetings:  General Meetings will be held at the completion of a Retrieving Trial held during the months of March, May, July.  Reminder Dates will be posted under "Up & Coming Events".  All members are welcome. 

Trials:  The club holds several trials over the trialling season (March to September).  The location of the trials vary within South East Qld.  The entry costs for trials is:  MEMBERS  -  Novice stake $18.00, Restricted stake $20.00 and All Age stake $22.00

- (applicable from MAY 2018)
Novice stake  $20.00,   Restricted stake  $22.00  and   All Age stake  $25.00.
Please keep your eye on the Events Page for up and coming trials.


Dummies are available at a cost of $10.00 each or three for $20.00.  They are constructed from red fire hose material.  It is recommended that white tape be place at both ends of the dummies.  For orders please contact Secretary - Geoff Dawson.





Revised January 2018





  Club - aim/purpose

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  Dogs Queensland





                 Rules for the Conduct of Trials


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I would like to welcome and thank all our members of FRA who continue to support our Executive and in turn support our Club so as we can cater to our sport of “Retrieving & Field Trials”.  May you enjoy our sport as true sportsmen and women, enjoy each others’ company and be gracious in success.

Club aim/purpose:

We endeavor to promote and raise the profile of our sport through the running of trials, attendance at public events, conducting training/workshops, in an atmosphere of co-operation and good sportsmanship.

Robert Boodnikoff - President 2017

2018 Executive:

President:   Mr. Paul Towning, PO Box 191, Dayboro   4521
Ph:  0466 352 818  Email:  [email protected]

Vice President  Mr. WalterBonato,  25 Clive Rd, Birkdale,  4159
Email:  [email protected]

Secretary:  Mr. G. Dawson, 67-69 Hawthorn Rd, Burpengary  4505
Ph:  3886 6367   Email:  [email protected]

Trial Secretary:  Mrs. C. Christensen,  5 Casino Crt, Burpengary  4505
Mobile:  0408 214 617    Email:  [email protected]

Treasurer:  Mrs. Nicky Marr,  43 Diamantina Circle,  Karalee  4306
Ph:  0402 760 155   Email:  [email protected]

Life members:

1993 Joe Cockburn  (deceased)

1994 Amand Golle                              1997 Margaret O’Brien

1999 Georgina Golle                          2000 Rod Gillespie

2008 George Price                              2009 Tricia Price (deceased)

2010 Sam Haigh                                 2016 Sue Boodnikoff

Honorary members:       Keith and Vicki Pratt 2005          Peter Sharp 2005



In the early 1980’s the CCC (Q) Sub Committee Chairman, Herb Field, had some concerns that the club UFTA had a very large workload as they ran most of the retrieving trials and associated events in the Brisbane area.  Herb Field felt that the formation of a sister club on the Southside would not only ease UFTA’S workload but also allow triallers who lived on the Southside more choice in club membership.

The new club was formed in 1984 and I was elected President of the club, Field and Retrieving Association. The club Secretary was Miss Debbie Marsh and the Treasurer Miss Marilyn Kimmins.  The first meeting (as an Affiliated Club) was held 21st February 1984 at Acacia Ridge at which time the club name was established and members began to work on logo, colours and constitution and other planning for the club.

One of the founding members, Joe Cockburn, was instrumental in the early success of the club throwing his full support behind the club with the use of his property and equipment as well as his memorable warm welcoming manner with new triallers.

Ron Jackson
Founding President



Extract from the Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting held 31st January 1984.

This meeting was held at “The Kennels” and opened at 8.04pm.

Attendance:  H. Field, D. Marsh, L. Towner, K. & S. Rhoades, R & C Jackson, P. Harden, G. & P. Price, A. & G. Gollé, W. & K. McKay, M. O’Brien, K. & P. Slutyer, L. Cougan, P. Cousins, R. Bishop, D. Lungren, G. Quinlan, L. Kennedy, M. Kimmins.

Apologies:  F. Harden, B. O’Brien, G. & L. Boothe, E. & K. Dillman, B. Quinlan, I. Daniel, G. Mitchell, R. Wilson, L. Field.

The Steering Committee was elected thus:

Chairman: Mr. R. Jackson

Secretary: Miss Debbie Marsh

Treasurer: Miss Marilyn Kimmins

Sub Committees to be:

Pointer/Setter: Peter Cousins and Marilyn Kimmins.

Non-Slip Retrieving (as it was called back then):

George Price; Larry Towner; Ron Jackson; Peter Harden; Peter Slyter.

Utility: Gary Quinlan; Lee Kennedy; Warren McKay.

Spaniel/Retriever: Bob Bishop; Peter Cousins.

Catering & Social: Kathy Jackson, Tricia Price; Sharon Rhoades.

Membership Fees to be: Dual $10.00 and Single $7.00.

It was moved by Georgina Gollé that a small raffle be held at each meeting to start building finances – all were in favour and Tricia Price to donate the first raffle.

This meeting closed at 9.20pm and the next meeting which would be an official meeting to be held 21st February 1984 at the Acacia Ridge Sporting & Social Club.

It is interesting to note that the only Inaugural members who are members of FRA (now renamed Field and Retrieving Association for Gundogs - FRAG) to-day are Amand & Georgina Gollé , Margaret O’Brien and George Price. (Life Members)



Canine Control Council Qld Ltd (CCCQ)
trading as “Dogs Queensland”

The club is affiliated with Dogs Queensland.  All events (workshops/training) and trials are conducted under the rules of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) and Dogs Queensland

Club members are covered by the Public liability Insurance of Dogs Qld when attending sanctioned club events.

To compete in all club events, you need to be a member of Dogs Qld or equivalent interstate body.  Dogs need to be registered with Dogs Qld or equivalent interstate body.
Dogs Qld - Ph:  3252 2661

Equipment:  The basic equipment you will need may include:  collar and lead, tethering peg, dummies and a dummy bag.
All guns used in club trials are registered blank fire only.  Therefore handlers are not required to hold a gun licence.
The club sells equipment such as dummies.  The cost is:  $10 for one, or $20 for three.
Please contact Geoff Dawson 3886 6367 if you wish to purchase any equipment.

Membership:  The Financial year for the club is from 1st October to 30th September.  Membership fees are due and payable on or before 1st October each year.
Membership fees are $15.00 for single and $20.00 for Joint.  A Membership form needs to be completed each year whether it be new or a renewal.

Meetings:  These are held every second month at trial sites during the trial season (March to September) and at other locations as decided by the members during the off season (October to February).
All members are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Websites: News of past and planned events is available on the club website  All members are encouraged and welcome to contribute articles and photos.  Georgina Golle manages the website and would love to hear from you.  Her contact details are Ph 5462 7041 or [email protected]

Information on all Australian National Kennel Club matters, including the Rules under which our trials are conducted is available from the ANKC website:

Information on planned trials (including the schedules which provide information on entering each trial), and results of those which have been held both in Queensland and interstate are posted on the Retrieving Australia website ( This website also provides a forum for discussion on training methods, and litters of puppies, etc.



 The club holds several trials over the trialing season (March to October).  The location of the trials vary within South East Qld.

A trial consists of three stakes:
Novice, Restricted and All Age.

The entry costs for trials are:

Members - Novice $18.00, Restricted $20.00, All Age $22.00.
Non Members - (applicable from MAY 2018).  Novice $20.00   Restricted $22.00   All Age $25.00

If there is sufficient interest and time permitting a Beginners’ Test will be run.  It is open to any dog that has not won a Beginners’ Test or placed in any stake. Special Restricted Stakes are held if there is sufficient interest – these are open to any dog that is not competing in the Restricted Stake on the day

The three premier trials that are held each year are the

Joe Cockburn Memorial Novice Trial, the FRA Shield and the Unification trial.  Also the Club features “The Rising Star Perpetual Trophy” (Restricted Stake) and “The Radar Perpetual Trophy” (All Age Stake)

The Joe Cockburn Memorial Novice Perpetual Trophy is celebrated by our Club and is in memory of one of our great characters.

Joe was firstly a worker who gave of himself whenever he was required.  Obedience was his first love and he served the Brisbane Obedience Dog Club as an instructor, affectionately known as the “Sergeant”, coming from a military background.  When Joe instructed classes his commands were loud and clear like in a military parade.  Joe instructed from 1977 till the day he died.

Joe had a passion for dogs and always had one of his own.  German Shorthaired Pointers were his preference as he loved to hunt.  His enthusiasm certainly inspired others. Joe’s unselfish attitude saw him at the majority of field trials, lending a hand, however at retrieving trials irrespective of which Club conducted the event Joe was part of the working team.

Championship Trials were his speciality.  Joe, without question, was a gun steward dressed up to the nines including his famous hat of badges which he collected from far and wide relating to dogs and clubs.

F.R.A. is proud to have had the pleasure of his services and companionship


The Inaugural FRA Shield commenced in 2014. It will be held prior to the Queensland Retrieving Trial Championship and will be awarded for the highest aggregate scoring dog in the All Age stake over the weekend.

The Unification Trial was first held in 2007.  It has been a back to back trial held in conjunction with the Wide Bay Working Gundog Club, and from 2014 will be held on the October Labour Day weekend over 3 days.

In the interest of supporting our sport the Dogs Queensland Retrieving and Field Trial Committee has sponsored perpetual Unification trial trophies for the highest scoring dog over the trials in Novice, Restricted and All Age Stakes.


Properties/Property Nominees:

The sites where the club conducts trials are private property.  The club negotiates the availability and suitability of these properties to conduct trials through the Property Nominees, who liaise with the property owners.  Under no circumstances are members to enter these properties unless it is to attend a trial.

The line of communication to the property owner is through the Property Nominee only.

While on a trial site members need to be mindful that they are on private working farms/properties.  Therefore basic rules such as leaving all gates as you found them (eg if closed then leave the gate closed) and driving a suitable speed (10km/hr max).



Rules of conduct at a Trial:

  1.  The rules of conduct are applicable to all trials and sanctioned events conducted by the club and all persons attending those events, whether club members or otherwise shall be bound to observe those rules at all times.

  2.  All dogs and bitches present must be presented for canine examination.  Only dogs that have passed examination may compete in the trials or remain on the grounds.  Should a bitch entered in the trial, be in oestrum on the day of the trial, the entry fee on application will be refunded.

  3. All dogs on the trial grounds must be kept on lead, (held in the hand or securely tethered at all times), except when competing in a stake or being exercised in the designated area.

  4.  No dogs are permitted to exercise, train in or on the precincts of any trial site other than in a designated area without approval from the trial committee and property nominee.

  5.  No shooting of firearms or dummy launchers except under the instructions of the officiating judge is permitted.

  6.  Any competitor entered in more than one stake should commence by running in the stake in which they have drawn the lowest number, and run in one run only and then proceed to the other stake without delay.  The steward of each stake is to be notified by the competitor as to their movements from stake to stake.

  7.  All persons attending trials/sweepstakes shall keep to the nominated areas.

  8.  There is to be only one central campfire, when and where permitted.

  9. Children are the sole responsibility of their parents.

10. Smoking is strictly prohibited except at the campsite and/or individual tents/vans.

11.  Any protest shall be immediately lodged in writing with the trial manager accompanied by $20 that will be returned unless the members of the trial committee deem the protest frivolous, in which case it shall be forfeited.

12.  No person is to partake in the consumption of or be under the influence of alcohol while they are competing or officiating in any stake

13.  Under no circumstances must a trial site be revisited except in the company of the nominee or participating in a trial or sanctioned event.  No person is to contact the property owner except the property nominee.

14.  Each person is responsible for the removal of their own rubbish.

15.  The Trial Manager is the person to contact concerning matters pertaining to the conduct of the trial overall.  The Stake Manager is the person to contact concerning matters relevant to a particular stake.



TITLES:  In this sport the following titles are awarded by “Dogs Queensland”:  (full explanation of Titles printed in the “Rules for the Conduct of Retrieving for Gundogs”

Qualifying Certificate (QC) is not a prize or title but may be awarded at the discretion of the judge in any stake consisting of at least three (3) retrieves to dogs that have completed the stake to the Judge’s satisfaction, having shown that they are under reasonable control and not ”hard-mouthed” nor gunshy.

Qualifying Novice Dog (QND) is awarded to a dog that has completed 5 Novice Stakes to the Judges’ satisfaction

Novice Retrieving Dog Title (NRD) is awarded to a dog that has won three Novice stakes or has won one Restricted stake.

Restricted Retrieving Dog Title (RRD) is awarded to a dog that has won three Restricted stakes or has won one All Age Stake.

Qualifying Restricted Retrieving Dog Title (QRD) is awarded to a dog that has completed 7 Restricted Stakes to the Judge’s satisfaction.

All Age Retrieving Dog Title (AARD) is awarded to a dog that has completed 10 All Age stakes.

Retrieving Trial Champion (RT CH) is awarded to a dog that has won two All Age stakes

Grand Retrieving Trial Champion (Gr RT CH) may be awarded to any dog that is awarded a total of 120 Champion Points, of which not less than twelve (12) have been awarded in Championship Stakes.

National Retrieving Trial Championship (Nat RT CH) - a dog which has won a National Championship Retrieving Trial is awarded the title.

Certificate of Merit (CM) is not a prize, but may be awarded at the discretion of the Judge to dogs in All Age Stakes, provided competitors have completed the stake and, in the opinion of the Judge, have acquitted themselves with exceptional merit in all runs.


TROPHIES / AWARDS – point score system

The club has FIVE Perpetual Trophies-

Elarak, Pajinka, Sheba, Lindsayvale and Oakspur which are awarded according to the following point score system.


            Stake              Club   First   Second Third     

            All Age           FRA    12        8          6

                                  Other   8          6          4


            Restricted      FRA    8          6          4

                                  Other   6          4          3


            Novice            FRA    6          4          3

                                  Other   4          3          2


Titles               Nat RtCh   RTCh    AARD   RRD     NRD

Current Year       50           40          30       20       15


Trophies/Awards (continued)

Elarak Perpetual Trophy:  Donated by G. Mitchell.  Point score competition for the calendar year.  Points awarded for Qld Trials conducted by FRA and other clubs as per allocation (see previous page).  Open to all stakes entered in current year.


Pajinka Perpetual Trophy:  Donated by R & S Boodnikoff, named in honor of their dog RT CH OC Ethylwyn Pajinka AD ET JDX.  Point score competition for the calendar year.  Points awarded for Qld Trials conducted by FRA and other clubs as per allocation (see previous page).  Open to All Age entries only in current year plus points for each title gained in that year.


Sheba Perpetual Trophy:  Donated by G & P Price, in memory of their first pedigree Labrador Retriever.  Point score competition for the calendar year.  Points awarded for Qld Trials conducted by FRA and other clubs as per allocation (see previous page).  Open to Restricted entries only in current year plus points for title gained in that year.


Lindsayvale Perpetual Trophy:  Donated by C & A Latimer.  This trophy bears the name of their breeding prefix under which they breed Curly Coated Retrievers.  Point score competition for the calendar year.  Points awarded for Qld Trials conducted by FRA and other clubs as per allocation (see previous page).  Open to Novice entries only in current year plus points for title gained in that year.


Oakspur Perpetual Trophy:  Donated by Dawn Farmer.  This trophy is awarded to the Highest Scoring Minor Breed, competing in any Stake, in current year plus points for title/s gained in that year, Qld trials only.


Other trophies:  Danede Perpetual Trophy for Spaniel & Retriever Field Dog of the Year.

Aranyoz Perpetual Trophy for Utility Field Dog of the Year.



Sponsored by Dogs Queensland - Retrieving & Field Trial Subcommittee (RAFT)


*  Dogs domiciled and registered in Qld.

*  Competitions held in Qld.

Eligibility for the "Queensland Retrieving Dog Of The Year" award is limited to dogs that have been trained within the ANKC regulations (not using electronic dollars).
For owners that wish their dogs to be entered for this award, eligibility is to be confirmed by the submission of a Statutory Declaration stating:

"The dog named.......................................Reg. eligible for the "Queensland Retrieving
Dog Of The Year" competition having been trained without the use of electronic collar in accordance with ANKC Regulations Part 7 Section 1.4"


Points accrued - divided by the number of available events (excluding commitments to judging appointments).

e.g. 26 trialling days:  Total points divided by 26 for people who do not Judge.

A person Judging 4 times:   Total number of points divided by 22  (26-4).


1st    4               1st   8                 1st   16                1st   30
2nd   2               2nd  6                 2nd  10                2nd  20
3rd   1               3rd   5                 3rd    9                3rd   15
                                                                              4th   13
                                                                              5th   11





Web Site

Facebook  -  Field and Retrieving Association QLD 
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Conducting ANKC - Retrieving and or Field Trials
& Retrieving Ability Tests



Mr. Greg Mitchell   0418 169 606



Mrs Wendy Michalk:  07   4152 2362

Email:     [email protected]







Contact Details
Mr Geoff Dawson
Burpengary 4505, QLD
Phone : 07 3886 6367
Email : [email protected]

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